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  • Marzuq al-Salih
  • Description: I am an anxious cartwright. I talk rapidly.
    Portrayal: I refuse to place my mount in a stable that doesn't appeal adequately to my every requirement. And I say there is no excuse for associating with criminals or sloppy note taking. I will do anything to protect the temple where I served.
    Hook: Right now, I'm so tired and I just want to get some sleep but what I earn I tend to spend quickly, leaving me groping for the next job at the cusp of becoming a beggar.
     I have medium sienna hair. My hands are long-fingered.
  • Skin color: Blue/white skin
    Clothes: Linen tunic. It is of vibrant cold carmine. wraparound skirt colored medium fawn .
    Hat: dim pale conical hat with 2 feathers of Green Rumped Macaws and 3 feathers of Yellow Naped parrots and 3 fake feathers of Orange Front Macaws and fake feather of Green-winged Macaws and feather of Green Thorntail attached.
    Perfume: Ashoka .
    Additional Details: tiny spinel jewelry - beaded collar,Mask made of Obsidian Artistic value: 253L,Headband of shiny chrysoberyl
    Runes: Death Rune on clothing on Chest,Darkness Rune on clothing on Left Arm,Law Rune bronze pin on Chest,Chaos Rune tattoo on Back

    Greeting: I am a slave of mighty Mahjna umm Darras, from the city of Shewamanda, The Suspended in Air City. Who is your master, stranger?
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