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  • Asim Abd Abbad
  • Description: I am an alarmed novice of Odayla. I have trouble hearing.
    Portrayal: I have a habit of doing something (biting nails, tapping fingers, tracing eyebrows) when I am thinking. And I believe there is always an answer! I would do anything for a classmate.
    Hook: Right now, I want my old job back but I have offended my patron clan, nation, or fellow battle smiths, and have been stripped of my title.
     I am ditzy. I am belligerent of my deep russet eyes
  • Skin color: Torab - mixed blue and black origin
    Clothes: Wool tunic. It is of vibrant dark flame. wraparound skirt colored pale coquelicot .
    Hat: deep magenta conical hat with fake feather of Cinnamon-throated Hermit and 3 feathers of Jenday Macaws attached.
    Perfume: Seducing scent of Rosewood (Brazilian rosewood).
    Additional Details: Wahaika made of Copper Artistic value: 32L
    Runes: Man-Law Runes tattoo on Left Hand,Death Rune on clothing on Chest

    Greeting: We are slaves of Ompalam and his slave the Great Tond, whose power has enslaved even Dormal.
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